Courses currently available:

Meditation Practitioner Training  by Tracy Hamilton (Price on request)

The Teacher Training Program consists of a 120-hour training in two components: A Personal Practice Weekend followed by 4 weekends spread over 4 or 5 months to deepen your practice, and learn about teaching meditation,  including a silent personal practice weekend.

The Personal Practice Course kicks off on our very first weekend together.  It is an experiential journey to practice meditation and make a commitment to your daily practice.

To apply, you must submit:

• The Student Application – A 200–500 word email on why you would like to become a Certified Meditation Teacher – listing your personal goals and intentions.

Reiki Courses Available:

(Accredited by the British Council of Reiki Grand Masters)

Usui Reiki Level 1 Training £120

Usui Reiki Level 2 Training £120 (Students must be Level 1 Attuned)

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher £240 (Students must be Level 2 Attuned)

Grand Master Level 5 The Great Harmony (Students must be Master/Teacher Attuned)

Grand Master Level 6 The Great Separation (Students must be Level 5 Attuned)

Grand Master Level 7 The Great Freedom (Students must be Level 6 Attuned)

Grand Master Level 8 The Great Peace (Students must be Level 7 Attuned)

Grand Master Level 9 The Great Happiness (Students must be Level 8 Attuned)

Grand Master Level 10 The Great Hope (Students must be Level 9 Attuned)

Grand Master Level 11 The Great Force (Students must be Level 10 Attuned)

Grand Master Level 12 The Great Love (Students must be Level 11 Attuned)

Grand Master Level 13 The Great Teacher (Students must be Level 12 Attuned)

Grand Master Level 14 The Great Eye (Students must be Level 13 Attuned)

Grand Master Level 15 The Great Way (Students must be Level 14 Attuned)

Grand Master Level 16 The Great Revelation (Students must be Level 15 Attuned)

Grand Master Level 17 The Great Temple (Students must be Level 16 Attuned)

Grand Master Level 18 The Great Wisdom (Students must be Level 17 Attuned)

Grand Master Level Training is normally done in pairs. Eg. Level 5 & 6 at the price of £30 per Level.

Other Reiki Training Available.

Angelic Reiki Levels 1 & 2

Angelic Reiki Levels 3 & 4

Seichim Reiki Practitioner

Seichim Reiki Master/Teacher

Goddess Reiki

Unicorn Reiki

Dolphin Reiki

Rainbow Reiki

plus many more.


Learn Clinical Mind Coaching

If you have been considering how to turn your desire to help people into a vocation, Clinical Mind Coaching is a rewarding profession in which you can help people and make a good living. The Academy provides your training and supports you as you establish your practice.

Online Courses

Clinical Mind Coach Practitioner Level 1 

 (4 Modules + Written and Practical Examination) £500

No existing qualifications needed to start you on your journey to a new career.

Clinical Mind Coach Master Practitioner 

  (6 Modules + Written and Practical Examination) £750

You must of passed the Clinical Mind Coach Practitioner Level 1 Course to continue your NEW CAREER as a qualified Clinical Mind Coach.



Mindfulness Workshop one day £60

Understand Chakras half day Workshop £30

Using a Pendulum half day Workshop £30

Coming Soon:

Paediatric Mind Coach Workshop.